The Pilipino American Youth Organization, also known as THE P.A.Y.O., is a non-profit organization based in Tacoma, WA dedicated to the preservation of the Philippine culture. We provide our youth with real life opportunities to develop self-esteem, camaraderie and social skills while learning the Philippine culture, language, music and dances.


Our group is well-known all around the Puget Sound for their rural and muslim dance performances. They have been seen at major cultural events such as the Annual Seafair Pista sa Nayon in Seattle and Annual Ethnic Festival in Tacoma.


The P.A.Y.O. is dedicated to preserve and promote the Philippine culture amongst our youth and the community around us with the following objectives:

  • To provide the Pilipino-American youth the opportunity to learn their cultural heritage through different activities, including participation in cultural dances and Pilipino festivities.
  • To provide an environment where the Pilipino-American youth can share the common experiences unique only to Pilipino-American families.
  • To provide the much needed social services to the Pilipino-American communities of Tacoma/Pierce County and Seattle/King County, especially the new immigrants.

The P.A.Y.O. performs for both public and private events and will accept donations. Contact us or view our calendar of events.